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Infant, Child & Adolescent

Clinical Psychology

Youth Space
Melbourne Children’s Psychology Clinic (MCPC) is a clinical psychology service that works predominantly with infants, children, adolescents, and their families. Our team of clinical psychologists is committed to providing the highest standard of psychological services that draws from "best practice", knowledge and experience in infant, child and adolescent development

We provide a comfortable and nurturing space for families to be able to come and talk about issues of concern.

MCPC strives to provide a service that is collaborative, transparent and respectful. We work with families to build from their strengths and move them through difficult and challenging times. We know that every parent wants the very best for their child and we aim to help children and young people and thrive.

Child Counselling

Are you worried your child or teenager may be experiencing anxiety, depression, friendship issues, or engaging in self harming behaviours that are causing distress? Could you or your child benefit from talking with a clinical psychologist?
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Child Clinical Assessment

Does your child have high intellectual potential? Is your child gifted? Or perhaps you worry that your child is struggling at school? Formal psychometric assessment may help. Are you concerned about ADHD or ASD? Our expert clinical psychologists and consultant paediatric neuropsychologist can assist.
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Clinical Consulting

Looking for a mentor or supervisor? Are you a mental health professional requiring case consultation or professional development services? Our expert clinical psychologists provide professional development and supervision to colleagues.
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